The Reason

We are young and passionate...

o   We love making films. It has been our passion since we were 12.

o   We pour an immense amount of time and energy into our craft. The behind the scenes work like researching cost-effective equipment, staying up to date on software and editing trends, downloading motion graphics kits, stock footage, overlays, and color grading LUT packages, etc., and learning new camera and software tricks to stay ahead of the curve.

o   We also believe in growth. Our films get better every day—every film we make is the best film we’ve made so far. We are constantly improving and developing new skills to make the best films possible

o   We take experiences from our hobbies, education, and past work and incorporate them into our passion project, Gillespie Film Company. Gillespie Film company is a culmination of many aspects of our lives. It stems from Behruz’s obsession with portrait photography, astrophotography, design, style and computing. It takes a bit from Ben’s love for graphic design, motion graphics, drawing, storytelling and visual effects. It is also inspired by our engineering courses that teach us to make beautiful and useful things.


o   We have plenty of experience creating films. Ben has been consistently creating video content since 2009, and filming professionally since 2013. We know what it takes to create a beautiful wedding/event/recruitment video. We show up on time, looking professional, ready to go.

o   When we edit our videos, we don't stop when its "good enough". We resent the FISI (eff it, ship it) mentality that many of the larger production companies have. When the large-scale production companies mix over-booked schedules with editors that don't find passion or meaning in their craft (or simply aren't very skilled editors), they sacrifice quality for quantity. We take pride in our audio mixing, motion graphics, color grading, and subtle visual effects that take our videos to the next level. If you are interested in any of our post-production processes, give us a call. We'd be thrilled to geek out for you.